Revolutionize your life in and out of the bedroom 

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Are you hungry for change?

Rev-o-lu-tion  noun

  • a sudden, radical, or complete change

  • a dramatic and wide-reaching change in the way something works or is organized or in people's ideas about it. 

  • a fundamental change in the way of thinking about or visualizing something :  a change of paradigm

  • synonyms: dramatic change, radical alteration, metamorphosis, transformation, innovation.

This revolution is for you if you hunger for more in life.  If you're tired of waking up feeling burnt out, exhausted, void of passion and desire.

This revolution is for you if you want to re-connect to your inherent sexual nature, feel empowered to rock your own unique flavour of sexy, put an end to body shame, restore a feeling of radiance and surrender to the sweet pleasures of life. 

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Hi I'm Kristin and I'm here to help you awaken to the juiciness and full potential of your life.

As a sexual empowerment coach MY MISSION IS TO HELP YOU CONNECT TO YOUR SEXUALITY WITH CONFIDENCE AND EASE SO THAT YOU FEEL EMPOWERED TO EXPRESS YOURSELF FULLY IN ALL AREAS OF YOUR LIFE. I help you to find pleasure in your body you didn't even know existed and use that pleasure as pure rocket fuel to revolutionize your life in and out of the bedroom.

I am here to help you break down any barriers standing in the way of your personal freedom and satisfaction as it relates to love, sexuality and relationships And I am passionate about the work i do. oh baby, am I ever! Passionate enough to want a revolution. I want you to wake up feeling like the magical being that you are EVERYDAY. I want you to feel SEXY AND confident in the full expression of who you are NO MATTER WHAT AGE OR STAGE YOU ARE IN LIFE. I want you to love having sex because there is no greater expression of joy and pleasure than sexual intimacy. I want you to have deeP, meaningful, wholehearted connections with the people your care about in your life. 


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Jade Egg

Based in ancient Taoist traditions this little baby has been blowing minds for ages.

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Retreats coming soon

Reconnect to your Wild Force

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