Work with me 1 on 1 to reclaim your sexual sovereignty and revolutionize your life in and out of the bedroom!

Kristin has an array of wisdom and tool box full of techniques, talents and traditions that she draws upon effortlessly to shed light, acceptance and strength into painful situations.
— Caroline

Join the 6 week Jade Egg Journey into the magic of your sexuality and wonder of your feminine essence.

Kristin is an incredible facilitator and incomparably passionate about what she offers in her work and this program. She’s designed a safe place for the unwinding of all our old stories and creates a space to step into our power and magnificence as the wild beautiful creatures that we are.
— Cait

Sacred Self Pleasure!

Self Study Experience

A Reclamation of the Sexually Sovereign Queen you were born to be through the power of your pleasure.

I can’t believe I waited so long to acknowledge and interact with my own vaginas pulses + pulls + power. Pussy power is real!
— Allie